Issue #8 Preparing for the Unknown

June 23, 2011

Most of the time forecasts about the future are based on today. Prophecies end up being smaller adjustments of the existing. By painting a picture of the future you have automatically gone into the trap, consciously or not, acquiring knowledge needed to fulfill the prediction. What if it’s wrong? The future will always be unknown.



Friction Addiction
Interview w Paul Nesgaard

Future Shocks
Gerard Reinmuth

From Russia with Love

Interview w Ilya Oskolkov Tsentsiper

Architectured Quest for the Unknown
Sabin Bors

Cities of the Avant-Garde
Illustration by Wai Architecture Think Tank

Building the Future or For the Future?
Fredrik Torisson

The Brief Future of Accepting the History
Mika Savela

Research and Practice
Interview w Josep Lluís Mateo

Escape Plan
Project by Nathan Petty

The Accuracy of Far-Future Predictions
Jason Lee

Are You Ready for the Unexpected?
Franziska Hederer and Federico Favero

The Conditions Challenge: Education

Phenomenology of a Concrete Storytelling
Antonio Scarpino

What If? -The Scenario-Method as a Design Tool
Adeline Seidel

The Future That Was: Shanghai´s Semiotic Ghosts
Rutger Huiberts

Swinging the Lamp
Christina Ampatzidou and Giuseppe Licari

The Harvard Recipe
Interview w Mohsen Mostafavi

This For That
David Huber

The Mediators
Interview w Fantastic Norway



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